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Chinese Lunar New Year Collection

2016 Limited Edition Chinese Lunar New Year Collection

The Lunar New Year is the biggest, most important, and most spectacular celebration in the Chinese calendar. An ancient tradition that is observed around the world—from Shanghai to San Francisco and from Beijing to New York—it is filled with festivities, fireworks, and feasts. Each year is marked by one of 12 animals, each of which symbolizes traits in people born in that year. Now, for the first time, the Chinese Lunar New Year comes to life in a dazzling new collection. All 12 Lunar New Year animals are displayed in full color on stunning gold-layered silver Medallions.

Each Limited Edition Medallion is Minted to the Highest Quality in One Ounce of.999 Fine Silver and Layered in 24-Karat Gold & Brilliant Color This is the only collection of its kind in the world. The 12 historic Medallions are created by world-renowned artists and are struck to perfection using time-honored minting skills. To assure the highest quality and future collector value, only 2,500 complete sets will be struck. You must subscribe now, before they disappear forever!