A magnificent collection honoring the 25 Greatest Wonders of the World
minted in PURE SILVER and GOLD.

Imagine owning the 25 Greatest Wonders of the World images — each one presented in solid silver and pure 24-karat gold.

Each gold-layered silver ingot in the Wonders of the World Collection is meticulously crafted by the world’s most skilled artists and minters.

The painstaking process starts with a steel minting die. When the craftsmen are satisfied that the master die is flawless, only then is it placed into a massive proofing press. Polished .999 fine silver blanks are carefully placed by hand into the press, where they are struck one at a time to create proof-like silver ingots.

Each silver ingot is generously layered in 24-karat gold, then a precise colorized image of the world wonder is expertly applied. Finally, each ingot is protectively lacquered to prevent tarnish and preserve its gleaming finish.

The result is a collection of stunning ingots that celebrate and honor the world’s most treasured wonders.

Each Collection Includes:

  • Twenty five pure silver stamp ingots layered in 24-karat gold and full brilliant color
  • Jeweler’s cloth and cotton handling gloves
  • Custom crafted lacquered wood Collector’s Chest with horn spatula
  • Twenty five individual Fact Cards and accompanying Collector’s Album
  • The World’s Great Wonders Coffee Table Book by Lonely Planet
  • Official numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Gifts to Subscribers

When you purchase The Wonders of the World Collection,you will receive several gifts at no additional cost. The lacquered wood collector’s chest, jeweler’s cloth, cotton gloves, fact card album and coffee table book will be sent with your collection.The fact cards will accompany the shipment and can be safely stored in the specially designed album.The Certificate of Authenticity will be sent once your collectionis complete.