Minting to Exceptional Standards

Created to the Highest Proof Standards

The production of each stamp ingot is meticulously crafted by the world's most skilled artists and minters.

The painstaking process starts with a steel minting die that is the exact size of the original stamp. When the craftsmen are satisfied that the master die is flawless, only then is it placed into a massive proofing press. Polished pure silver blanks are carefully placed by hand into the press and are struck one at a time to create proof-like silver ingots.

Perforations are precision diamond cut, and the colorized image of the original stamp is then applied. The colorization is the highest quality in the world, and it brilliantly captures every tiny detail of the original design. This is the first time the United States Postal Service has authorized colorized stamp ingots, and the result is a collection of stunning masterpieces.