Introducing the Greetings From America Collection

A Magnificent Collection Honoring the History and Beauty of America’s 50 States

Greetings From America is a stunning collection that preserves each of the 50 classic stamp designs in beautifully colorized solid silver ingots.

Every state from Alabama to Wyoming … from Alaska to Louisiana … and from New York to California and Hawaii is featured in this collection on its own unique stamp ingot. This is the only collection of its kind in the world, and it is officially licensed and authorized by the United States Postal Service.

As a subscriber to the Greetings From America Collection, you will receive two stamp ingots per month until your collection is complete. 

To assure the highest quality and the future collector value, only 17,500 complete sets will be authorized. When the minting is complete, the master dies will be defaced and can never be used again.

Each delivery is accompanied by a Fact Card for each stamp ingot with details about the original stamp and the featured state. You will also receive at no additional cost, a beautiful lacquered wood Collector’s Chest, a jeweler’s cloth and gloves, and accompanying Collector’s Album, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and a Portfolio featuring the complete sheet of 50 original Greetings From America stamps in mint condition.