Paper-Cut Design


Chinese-American designer Clarence Lee, creator of the Chinese Lunar New Year Collection, explains that using paper cut designs for the series was the obvious choice. "The art of paper-cutting images has a long tradition in China since the people in many instances had little recourse to artistic materials. Cutting paper became a simple and effective means of artistic expression.

The Postal Advisory Board was insightful enough to recognize that the paper-cut motif represented a folk-art tradition in China that goes back more than 2,000 years, and it was graphically different from anything else ever done." -C.L. People in China used their paper-cut artwork in many ways. They displayed them in their homes, included them in New Year and other holiday observances, and gave them as gifts.

The Lunar New Year Collection combines this centuries-old art form with an original interpretation by the designer. The result is a colorful, culturally-inspired depiction of the animal signs of the Lunar Zodiac, in a unique 12-stamp collection.