Minting to Presidential Standards

Created by the World’s Finest Engravers

The stamps in this exclusive American Presidents Collection are first sculpted in bas-relief by the world’s most skilled artists. Once each portrait has been modeled to perfection, the three-dimensional sculpture is transferred onto a steel minting die using a reduction pantograph. It takes many days to engrave the delicate contours of each sculpture into hard steel, to the exact same size as the original stamp.

The reverse of each stamp ingot is engraved with the official logo of the United States Postal Service, and the manufacturer’s mark confirming the assayed purity of the precious metal.

Only when the Mint Master is satisfied that the die is flawless does the minting process begin. The master die is locked into a 360-ton proofing press, and highly polished solid silver blanks, 2.2mm thick, are struck one at a time with massive pressure to bring out every tiny detail of the original stamp design. Perforations are precision diamond cut, and each stamp ingot is generously layered in pure 24-karat gold. The result is a perfect proof masterpiece that rivals the world’s finest coins.

Minting to Presidential Standards

Official President Medals are designed and struck in bronze by craftsmen at the United States Mint, the same craftsmen that have been creating United States coins for more than 200 years.

Each medal is engraved to the world's highest standards and is a prestigious collectible in its own right. For the American Presidents Collection, each medal has subsequently been specially layered with pure 24-karat gold to add to its beauty and collector value. The 25 stamp ingots create a golden collection of unprecedented importance.