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Gifts to Subscribers

As a subscriber to the American Presidents Collection, you will also receive the following accessories at no additional cost:

Portraits of the Presidents

This comprehensive book contains easy-to-read information and famous portraits of each president as displayed in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. From George Washington to George W. Bush, this elegant coffee table edition celebrates the lives of our leaders in one of the most prestigious books ever published on America’s presidents. This handsome hardbound book is the perfect compliment to the American Presidents Collection.

Wood Lacquered Collector’s Chest

This beautiful velvet-lined, lockable chest is designed to house and protect your collection for many years of enjoyment. A handmade horned spatula is provided to enable you to remove each stamp ingot and official Presidential Medal without damage.

Jeweler’s Cloth and Cotton Gloves

Formulated to numismatic standards, the cloth and gloves are the ideal way to safely enjoy your collection of gold-layered stamp ingots and official Presidential Medals.

Fact Cards and Album

Each stamp ingot and its accompanying Presidential Medal is delivered with a fascinating Fact Card detailing the history of the original stamp and medal, and a biography of the featured President. Also included is a handsome Fact Card Album for storing these educational cards.

Certificate of Authenticity

Officially numbered and registered, confirming the strict edition limit and the precious metal purity of each stamp ingot.