Quality Assurance


The master dies for each stamp ingot in The United We Stand Collection could only come to life in the hands of the world's finest sculptors and engravers, who remain dedicated to the artistry and discipline of their crafts.

Each minting die is the result of an exacting process that begins by enlarging the stamp's image photographically, then engraving it by hand onto a plaster template. The resulting master is then placed on a three-dimensional reduction pantograph. Over the course of many days, it engraves a steel minting die to the exact size and detail of the original.

After microscopic flaws in the die are removed by hand, the die is placed in a 360-ton proofing press and strikes 2mm-thick, mirror polished solid silver blanks. After this process is complete, the perforations on each ingot are diamond cut for an impeccable finish. Then the pieces are generously layered with 24-karat gold, the final touch on a shining replica of the original stamp. The result is a perfect proof--a numismatic term describing only the highest quality minted piece.

The reverse design of each replica bears the logo of the United States Postal Service and maker's marks, certifying both the official status of this collection and the precious metal content.