Gifts to Subscribers

Elegant Wood Collector's Chest

This magnificent velvet-lined, lockable chest is designed to house and protect your entire collection.

Jeweler's Cloth & Cotton Gloves

Formulated to numismatic standards, the cloth and gloves are the ideal way to safely enjoy your collection of colorized Saturday Evening Post cover ingots.

Fact Cards and Album

Each ingot is accompanied by a fascinating Fact Card with details of the featured Saturday Evening Post cover and artist. The Fact Card Album is custom-made to store these cards for future reference.

Certificate of Authenticity

Officially numbered and registered, confirming the strict edition limit and the precious metal purity of each ingot.

Special Subscriber's Gift:
In Search of Norman Rockwell's America

by Kevin Rovoli

The perfect complement to The Saturday Evening Post Collection. Photojournalist Kevin Rovoli sets out to prove just how right Norman Rockwell was with his portrayal of the American lifestyle in his classic illustrations.