The Fish Are Jumping

Mead Schaeffer was Norman Rockwell's best friend, and — like Rockwell — he regularly provided covers for The Saturday Evening Post. He was renowned as an illustrator for classic books like Moby-Dick, but during World War II he chronicled the heroism and determination of the American military. Many of his military paintings are among more than 40 of his Saturday Evening Post covers.

Another major part of Schaeffer's life was fishing. In fact, he was known to describe himself as a full-time fisherman and a part-time artist. He traveled across America, sketching different landscapes and exploring the rivers and streams for new stories and new ways to portray his love of fishing.

The Fish are Jumping is a whimsical view of a frustrated angler. While the angler is having trouble tying his fly, the fish are literally jumping out of the water all around him ... the perfect encapsulation of the angler's worst nightmare.

Each gold-layered silver ingot is a tribute to the artistry and history of The Saturday Evening Post.

Publication Date: May 19, 1951