The Runaway

The Runaway is one of Norman Rockwell's most admired and cherished Saturday Evening Post covers. It captures the essence of America in the 1950's. At first glance, it portray's a simple and friendly meeting in a typical diner ... until the young boy's bundled possessions on the floor show him as a runaway who is being cared for by a kindly policeman.

Like many of his famous Saturday Evening Post covers, Rockwell used real- life models for this painting. The setting was the Howard Johnson's restaurant in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, while the policeman was Rockwell's neighbor (a Massachusetts State Trooper) and the boy was local elementary school student Eddie Locke.

“I ran away from home when I was a kid. Pretty soon it began to get dark and a cold wind sprang up and moaned in the trees. So I went home.”
Norman Rockwell

Every tiny detail from the original Saturday Evening Post cover is displayed on the precious ingot.

Publication Date: September 20, 1958