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Norman Rockwell came to symbolize The Saturday Evening Post. His iconic covers were always entertaining and inspiring, uniquely capturing the spirit of the nation.

One of Rockwell's most beloved covers is his Triple Self Portrait for an issue of The Saturday Evening Post in 1960 that contained the first excerpt from his autobiography. A quirky work of art, it shows Rockwell in the mirror as he saw himself (an ordinary, aging artist in his mid-60's) and on the canvas as he wanted to be perceived (youthful, dashing, and confident). The third self portrait is a rough sketch attached to the left side of the canvas.

Like all of his legendary covers, Rockwell filled his artwork with extra details. Most notable in this work of art are the self portraits of great artists such as Rembrandt and Picasso that he used for inspiration and which are attached to the right side of the canvas.

The legendary Saturday Evening Post cover and the gold-layered silver ingot it inspired.

Publication Date: February 13, 1960