The Lunar New Year Collection

In celebration of an ancient culture and a living tradition

In 1993, in recognition of the contribution made by Chinese-Americans, the United States Postal Service issued a special commemorative stamp, the "Year of the Rooster." It was so popular that an unprecedented decision was made to issue a Lunar New Year Stamp every year, fulfilling the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar zodiac. The culmination of this important series resulted in a double-sided Lunar New Year Souvenir Sheet designed by Clarence Lee and issued by the USPS in 2005. The complete series of 12 stamps has now been expertly engraved by craftsmen as solid silver ingots, layered with 24-karat gold, to create The Lunar New Year Collection. Each ingot in this unique collection faithfully reproduces the historic Chinese paper-cut animal designs of the original stamp, honoring an ancient tradition maintained to this day in the Chinese New Year Festival. As a subscriber to The Lunar New Year Collection you will receive one stamp ingot every month, (or at a faster rate if you wish), until your Collection is complete. You will also receive, at no additional cost to you, a special Jeweler's Cloth and Gloves, a lacquered wood Collector's Chest, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and a double-sided Lunar New Year Souvenir Sheet personally signed by the designer Clarence Lee.