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During the course of completing your collection, you will receive the following accessories as our gift to you.

A Lacquered Collector's Chest

A specially designed lacquered wood collector's chest, gold-embossed and lined with velvet, to display and protect your collection. It features a mortise lock for security and comes with a full-color layout guide featuring all the stamps that inspired The United We Stand Collection. A handmade horn spatula is provided to enable you to remove each ingot without damage.

Special hardbound Commemorative Edition of The American Spirit

The American Spirit is a glowing photographic and narrative tribute to America's bold effort to rise to the challenges of a new era. Published by Life Books, it features a moving introduction by President George W. Bush, and compelling work by some of our country's finest photographers and essayists. Like The United We Stand Collection, The American Spirit records a remarkable legacy, one that is sure to resonate for generations to come.

Fact Album

Each ingot in your collection is accompanied by an illustrated fact card that describes the origin and historical significance of its original stamp. A fact album is provided to store each card as it arrives, enabling you to build a library of information for further study and future reference.

Jeweler's Cloth

A specially-formulated cloth, used by professional jewelers to maintain the beauty of their valuables, will be sent to you in the early stages of obtaining your collection. To preserve the proof finish of your stamp ingots, it should always be used when laying out your collection.

Officially Numbered & Registered Certificate of Authenticity

Upon completion of your collection, you will receive a certificate bearing the edition number of your individual set. It confirms the strict limitation of the issue and the purity of the metals used in the manufacture. This should always be kept securely with your collection.