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Win the War

The month this stamp was issued in Washington D.C., July of 1942, was a critical time on the American home front. Many were feeling demoralized and vulnerable due to the attack on Pearl Harbor and U.S. defeats in the Pacific. Sales of war bonds surged briefly in response to Pearl Harbor, then plummeted, leaving the government in desperate search of a way to boost morale and raise funds for the war. The magazine industry responded by issuing a flag-cover campaign. American news stands displayed dozens of magazines covered with images of the flag, many of which also carried the slogan "United We Stand," a rallying cry dating back to the American Revolution. Similarly, in an effort to encourage citizens to display the flag from homes, schools, and public buildings, the Flag in Every Home Committee sold Americanize Your Home flag sets, which included a gilded-eagle clamp and the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Riveting in its elegant simplicity, this stamp ingot is a breathtaking reminder of American resolve. The stamp was issued in 1942. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, eager to find a symbol that would unite all Americans, was deeply involved in the creation of this stamp, which he insisted depict no military images. The circle of 13 stars represents the original 13 states. The eagle’s head and the arrows it clutches point in different directions, indicating that America wanted to resolve the war peacefully.