Wonders of the World Collection Medallion and Collector’s Gifts Schedule

Medallion # Product Gift sent with medallion
1 Taj Mahal
2 Great Pyramid of Giza

Jeweler’s cloth and gloves

3 Chichen Itza
4 Big Buddha
5 Lighthouse of Alexandria
6 Acropolis


7 Grand Canyon

Fact card album

8 Statue of Zeus at Olympia
9 Empire State Building


10 Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
11 Hagia Sophia
12 Great Wall of China

Wonders of the World Wood Chest Collector’s Chest

13 Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
14 Aurora Borealis
15 Angkor Wat
16 Colossus of Rhodes
17 Manchu Picchu
18 Statue of Christo Rio de Janeiro

Lonely Planet Book

19 Hanging Gardens of Babylon
20 Victoria Falls
21 Mount Everest
22 Leaning Tower of Piza
23 Colosseum in Rome
24 Eiffel Tower
25 Stonehenge

Certificate of Authenticity